Game time!

This is a game that is appropriate for ages 4+.  This is a lesson in timbre (pronounced tam-bur).  Timbre is the distinct sound that everything makes. 


Several containers, preferably the same

Different small items to put in the containers

How to play:

This is very simple.  Take your items, and put them into the containers.  It is best if all the containers are the same.  I have a bunch of those containers that baby puffs came in when my daughter used to eat those.  Try to make the items different, some hard, some soft.  Then shake each container one at a time and let your child try to guess what is inside. 

Notice how metal object sound, versus plastic objects.  Cotton balls sound like swishing, and rice sounds like rain.  Many objects sound different than just one.  And when you listen carefully, you can figure out what's inside just by listening.

Related activities for timbre:

1. Guess whose voice it is (need a larger group for this one). 

2.  If the child is old enough to answer the phone, have them notice how they can tell who it is sometimes just from hearing their voice.

3. Have your child close his or her eyes while you walk around and do different things.  Have them guess what you are doing.  Examples are closing a door, dropping a book, and moving a chair. 

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