Ready.... jump!

Do you ever not get your kids outside to burn off all of their energy?  Me too.  Does your child ever take a nap in the afternoon and when they wake up you can just tell they are a little bit TOO refreshed?  Me too.  So I invented this activity.

Get any kind of music that you like.  Without words would be best, but it's not a requirement.  Have your play and pause button ready to go. 

Tell your child that when the music comes on, they are to jump.  Then when the music stops they should freeze. 

Hit play.  Watch your child jump all over.  Just when the energy is waning, hit pause.  Then tell them to count to any number you want.  This is a great time to practice counting on fingers too.  Then when you reach that number, hit play again.  Repeat through the entire song.

A variation on this would be to do something besides jump.  Examples would be, run in circles, hop on one foot, skip around, gallop like a horse, or let your child pick.  I find my students and child often have a better imagination than me! 

Here's to fun activities on rainy days, and good bedtimes every night.

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