I promised that my next post would be a follow-up of my last post.  Today was a nice brisk fall day.  So I put baby boy in the Ergo, and took little girl on a walk around the block.  Baby boy fell asleep, and little girl started dragging her feet through some gravel.  My first instinct was to tell her not to ruin her shoes.  Then I suddenly remembered my blog post, and we started talking about music.  We shuffled the beat all the way home, and threw in a little singing as well.  Then we went out back and found 9 more ways to make music outdoors. 

All 9 of those ways involved the dried stems from daylily flowers.  First she hit grass, hit stone pavers, hit wooden deck, hit the siding on the house, and hit the chain link fence.  They all sounded different.  We talked about the differences a little bit.  Then she started getting more creative.

She ran the stems across our chainlink fence.  Then she stuck a stick into one of the holes and circled it around like she was ringing a dinner bell.  Then she broke the stems making a crunching noise. 

Finally, my very favorite use of the daylily stems to make music was when she put one under her chin, and rubbed the other across.  She said "this is a violin," and proceeded to bow her violin while singing twinkle twinkle little star.  I really wish I had a video camera for that.

I thought my 2.99 year old did a pretty good job of making music 10 ways with things found outdoors.  How did your kids do?

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