If You're Happy and You Know It

If you don't know this classic, here is a video of the song.  Did you grow up singing "and your face will surely show it?"  No problem.  Sing it that way.  We are going to be changing things up anyways. 

This song is great because it gets your kids moving.  It can teach young toddlers different movements by name and give practice in mimicry, and it can help older children learn about other emotions and to create their own song.

The Activities

1.  As usual, just start with the basic song.  I don't think you gain anything by singing this with the video, so once you learn the song, just sing together with your child.  But remember, if your child is younger than 5 they might not sing along.  It's ok, they are still learning.

2.  Once your child is familiar with the song, then start adding your own movements.  This is one way that a child can make his or her own music, but simply changing out the motions.  Take turns so that you can teach new and creative things.  i.e. blink your eyes, wave your arms, etc.

3.  For the older child who is beginning to recognize different emotions (beyond happy and sad), then change the song to If You're sad and you know it wipe a tear.  Fill in those blanks with whatever you and your child want.  If You're angry and you know it stomp your feet.  I generally allow free rein to the kids with their creativity, except violence.  I don't allow punching or hitting for a negative emotion.  Even though it's pretend and no one would get hurt, I don't advocate punching when you are angry, so I wouldn't let my kids pretend they were punching either. 

This is a great song to practice creativity, learn emotions, practice gross motor movements, practice fine motor movements, and to practice using their singing voices.  It is good for ages 6 months up.  Go have fun with it!

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